Donald M. Johnsen


SUMMARY:       Over twenty years of experience in systems integration and support working for creative and engineering firms, providing quality training, excellent customer service, and innovative solutions to complex technical problems.

OBJECTIVE:     A technical leadership role that utilizes my unique blend of talents and skills and broad range of experience.


Operating Systems



Sun Solaris

Red Hat Linux



Mac OS X/Classic


NetApp  7-mode/CDOT

Software Packages


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Exchange









Bourne, C, bash, and Korn shell










Development Tools





Chord LSF


Administration Tools

Sun Jumpstart

HP Ignite

Veritas Volume Manager

Veritas Filesystem


NetApp Tools:

OnCommand Insight, Balance, Unified Manager, System Manager, Workflow Automation









Live sound production



Pro Tools


July 2009 –
April 2015

Senior Storage Administrator/Storage Operations Team Lead for NetApp, Research Triangle Park, NC, supporting NetApp’s production IT storage environment with NAS and FCP/iSCSI SAN components. Working with a seven-member team of storage administrators and eleven outsourced personnel, we support over 300 NetApp storage appliances housing over 24PB in seven datacenters worldwide. Promoted to Team Lead in August 2010; provided coverage for subset of managerial responsibilities between September 2011 – April 2012 following reassignment of our team’s manager. A detailed list of recent accomplishments follows.

Create process documentation standards and review with peers for feedback/acceptance


Inventory existing process documentation for validity/relevance


Audit/edit to agreed-upon standards existing process documentation


Create new processes and accompanying documentation for storage operations tasks


Evangelize new process models with peer teams in IT for feedback and engagement


Deliver training on new processes and procedures to team members and peer groups

Created process lifecycle tracking mechanism using internal wiki & IT ticketing system knowledgebase; delivered training and documentation to team. New mechanism prevents orphaned documentation by linking it to IT ticketing system and allows reporting on most-used/missing processes

Developed and documented methodology for creating summary documents in internal wiki from multiple smaller documents, allowing control over the level of detail presented and scope of edits made to individual topics.

Implemented improved disk replacement process following analysis of system failure. Ownership of ticket is now retained by Storage team to verify successful replacement of disk following work by Datacenter team, resulting in no additional failures of this type.

Implemented new process to search system/ticket history prior to engaging Datacenter team; resulting in reduction of duplicate parts/cases from average of twelve monthly to zero.

Took on responsibility for storage build templates and documentation; added improvements to template logic that resulted in halving the number of templates necessary and simplifying future updates to templates.

Result: IT Storage Services team has clearly documented and consistent processes in place, as well as the means to create new and maintain existing material at the same level of quality. This results in a simpler, better-managed, and more stable storage environment.


Define Key Performance Indicators for Storage Services team, and create regularly-delivered reporting appropriate to each audience to Storage Services team, IT leadership, and customer groups


Create and maintain tools to provide daily summary and detailed reporting of routine storage health issues rated by severity for follow-up by L2/L3 Storage team


Identified gaps in IT ticketing system’s reporting mechanisms that complicated metrics creation. Devised workarounds to identify trends. Worked with IT ticketing system team to improve available support group/resolution categories and processes for better reporting.

Created new compound metric to analyze team workload vs. average resolution time, allowing identification of over-burdened team members and personnel with available bandwidth.

Programmed environment healthcheck script which prompted maintenance efforts resulting in status improvements for 42 systems.

Created and delivered BLR Storage Operations team’s first weekly report; provided roadmap for additional metrics to be added to future reports.

Result: Reporting provided identification of systems and processes in need of improvement, helped develop actions to address those, and validated positive-trending results from changes made to systems, processes, and teams.

Become Customer One for NetApp’s new flagship operating system


Design and document operational standards and processes for use of cDOT in NetApp’s IT environment


Provide feedback and data to development, support, and professional services team to help improve our product and delivery

Completed all available online and instructor-led training for cDOT, identifying key areas for process and technical changes needed to support it in our environment.

Worked with team to design new naming and layout standards for storage virtual machines to ensure administrative and application separation.

Created processes and documentation for storage provisioning and key new cDOT features.

Provided development teams feedback on software defects and requests for enhancements. Worked with counterparts in Engineering Support to create draft design and requirements for “affinity” feature intended to optimize resource balancing in a cluster.

Result: NetApp IT Storage Services identified bugs prior to customer release, helped create workarounds, and performed testing of fixes in our operational environment. Professional Services and Customer Support teams have consulted our team for our expertise on design decisions and processes. Our process, documentation, and automation improvements continue to reduce our time to deploy new storage.

Hire, train, and support new in-sourced Bangalore-based Storage Operations team to replace outsourced provider

Mentor BLR-based Operations Analyst to assume responsibility for regular Storage Operations reporting functions

Support successful transition to in-house BLR Storage Operations team


Cooperatively developed standard interview battery for prospective hires for new BLR Storage Operations and Build teams. Interviewed and evaluated twelve candidates; recommended six. Three of these candidates were hired and stayed onboard through the transition.

Produced extensive environment and process documentation to support transition to new team.

Traveled to Bangalore in April 2013 for two weeks to build relationships, train new team members, and capture their input on processes and operations model.

Provided ongoing mentoring and support to BLR team members prior to and after cutover.

Created and documented new processes, templates, and mechanisms for operations team that improved response times and reporting capabilities.

Expanded helpdesk ticketing categorization and created new metrics to demonstrate improvement in performance of new team vs. original MSP, showing decrease in resolution times and fewer missed issues.

Audited compliance with processes/procedures, highlighted exceptions, and provided corrective actions to ensure that all requests from peer teams were addressed in a timely manner.

Captured metrics showing CHGs implemented by Storage Services that resulted in no impact to business operations, and created new methodology for tracking metrics on future CHGs.

Held regular 1:1 meetings with BLR-based Systems Analyst; training him for planned handover of the Operations Service line and making improvements to processes and reporting.

Result: The new BLR Operations team posted a 68% improvement in resolution times during its first quarter of operation, maintaining an average time-to-resolution improvement of 19%.

Transition of the Operations Service Line was successfully made in Feb 2014 to the BLR Systems Analyst. He reports “. . . your clear detailed documentation on wiki helped us a lot to refer and understand the processes involved.”


Worked with cross-functional IT teams to implement and improve automation of systems build processes


Created design and requirements for ServiceNow catalog automation, modifying existing design documents from another project to apply to storage resources.

Worked cooperatively with other IT colleagues to complete needed requirements documentation for automation implementation by the ServiceNow team.

Validated function of newly-installed IT Hosting Lab Workflow Automation instance, ensuring all functions for automation support operated in lab environment as expected.

Result: Efforts led to a reduction in standard virtual machine build duration to less than one day by Mar 2014 despite substantial process changes introduced in Dec 2013.

Supported efforts to economize and simplify our storage environment through migration onto new platforms and decommissioning of old equipment

Provided ongoing support to PMs and teammates to migrate applications from SAC to HIO and decommission storage resources located in SAC, so we could meet contractual goal of reducing power/real estate footprint in the SAC Raging Wire datacenter.

Aided in deployment of new AMS cluster, correcting problems with cluster switch interconnects, and prepared system for hand off to Infrastructure Service Line owner.

Located idle spare parts and constructed a complete storage cluster for our Oregon datacenter, allowing deployment of a new 7-mode migration target without additional capital investment.

Investigated and found root cause of problems resulting in business impact during one decommission proposed and documented process improvements to prevent future occurrences.

Result: Personally completed decommission of 13 systems and supported efforts for others; resulting in a power reduction of over 200KW and physical decommission of over 70 systems in our Sacramento datacenter (over 100 decommissions over all datacenters worldwide).

Took over responsibility for IT Hosting Lab storage resources following May 2013 staff reduction


Traveled to SVL to inventory and documented in Wikid existing storage infrastructure and access methods.

Deployed new equipment in IT Hosting Lab.

Performed extensive cleanup of patchwork for existing lab storage infrastructure.

Negotiated a model for providing ongoing and remote support in the absence of a dedicated lab administrator.

Result: The updated, standardized, and well-documented IT Hosting Lab space provided improved support to all members of the IT Storage Service team resulting in faster engineering design cycles and troubleshooting of problems.

Provided ongoing operational support for Storage Services, its customers, and the IT team overall

o Incident Response

o Problem Management
o Recovery Management
o Change Management
o Team Logistics & Scheduling o New Project Review


Participated in Recovery Manager rotation leading efforts to resolve P1 incidents affecting business operations to restore service as quickly as possible. Received the following feedback from IT Foundational Services VP: “. . . appreciate your leadership and the quality of your Recovery comms. It makes a massive difference when the Recovery Manager is as thorough as you are.”

Implemented preliminary hardware fault remediation process in cooperation with NetApp Professional Services team; helped create after-action report and process improvements for implementation on customer systems in the field.

Engaged in troubleshooting of ongoing application performance issues resulting in repeated P1 business outages; configured application-host-side data collection, arranged parts and CHG logistics for multiple environments; and implemented upgrades.

Drafted and negotiated new pre-approved change processes supporting ONTAP upgrades and cooperative routine hardware replacements. Created documentation/templates to spell out rules of engagement and speed creation of multiple requests while minimizing recordkeeping overhead.

Performed regular oversight and review of new project designs; provided input on projected support costs; trained other team members on process.

Provided oversight, documentation, and queue management of Storage Problem tickets, ensuring that root cause/corrective actions were correctly documented and implemented.

Participated in regular Storage Service L4 oncall rotation; provided logistical support to team managing oncall calendar and documenting various meta-operational processes to standardize documentation practices.


Other notable accomplishments while working as a Senior Storage Engineer for NetApp IT

Provided architectural, deployment, provisioning, automation, and operational support for FlexPod clusters using Cisco UCS with both 7-mode and cDOT storage.

Deployed multiple general-use NetApp storage and associated supporting network/SAN hardware, developed standard system deployment procedure, and trained other staff in these procedures.

Developed processes and procedures to standardize tasks facilitating delegation to our MSP. Implemented a team wiki as a standard location for documentation, checklists, and action items.

Scripted tools to speed standard deployment tasks and reduce errors/omissions in complex operations.

Provided representation in regular operational meetings with peers and executives to review operational issues affecting production systems, analyzing metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.

Performed screening, interviews, and provide hiring recommendations for new team members. Ensure new staff are mentored, provided needed tools/access, and are assimilated into NetApp culture.

Initiated effort to audit and standardize contact mechanisms with NetApp Customer Support to facilitate local visibility of parts and service issues, and ensure end-to-end processing of all cases.

Managed MSP relationship and ensure performance against SLAs, regularly meeting with their team lead to review statistics and address open issues.

Provided oversight of all change requests for Storage Operations, and ensured resources were available.

Reviewed new project implementation plans through various phases to ensure appropriate documentation, budgeting, and support resources were in place to ensure smooth transition from go-live into operations.

Interacted with IT Engineering team to provide feedback, improvements, and corrections to new design implementations to ensure a standardized, stable, and supportable infrastructure.

Acted as key point of contact for problem management; ensuring high-priority business-impacting incidents are followed through to determine root cause and implement corrective actions.

Oct. 2006 –
July 2009

Technical Support Engineer for NetApp, Research Triangle Park, NC. Provide phone, email, and web support as part of a 350-member global team for a resilient enterprise storage system offering NFS, CIFS and SAN/FCP/iSCSI support.

·      Performed troubleshooting of multiprotocol access permissions in mixed Unix/Windows environments.

·      Analyzed system performance data to identify bottlenecks and make recommendations for remediation.

·      Prioritized delivery of immediate fixes to issues while following up to deliver long-term solutions.

·      Setup complex system configurations in lab for reconstruction and troubleshooting of customer issues.

·      Coded desktop automation tools to speed case handling workflow and drove adoption with peers.

·      Built and configured VMware virtual machines of varying types to aid in research and reproduction.

·      Authored knowledgebase articles to assist customers and other staff in quick resolution of issues.

July 2005 ­–
Aug. 2006

Senior Technical Support Engineer for Mirapoint, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. Worked remotely from home office providing coverage for East coast time zone customers. Working as part of a worldwide 20-member team, provided technical support and troubleshooting for new and existing customer systems installations of a FreeBSD-based mail server appliance system.

·      Analyzed systems diagnostics, logs, process traces, and core dumps to diagnose and resolve problems.

·      Promoted to ERT permitting remote access to customer systems via secure interface mechanism.

·      Developed and delivered training for contracted Level One phone support team at IBM, Morrisville, NC.

·      Worked with team to plan and implement new trouble ticket system, and provided training to other users.

·      Constructed, operated, and maintained remote office and lab equipment for systems simulation.

Aug 2004

Relocated to Cary, NC from San Jose, CA

Jun. 1996 –

    May 2005




Systems Administrator for Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA, and Research Triangle Park, NC. Increasing levels of responsibility from field/phone user support to senior back-line systems administration and architectural design.

Jan 2001 – May 2005: Systems Administrator, Messaging – Focused on email security, integration of Unix tools into Exchange during company-wide migration, and re-architecture of mail alias distribution systems.

·       Part of team responsible for managing Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, and Exchange mailservers globally.

·       Created automation on short notice for global RIF to disable/redirect email for terminated employees.

·       Designed and deployed new architecture for core mail routing systems and antivirus scanners worldwide using Sendmail and Sophos PureMessage.

·       Deployed centralized team Twiki knowledgebase and authored documentation for common tasks.

·       Coded scripts and automated systems using Perl and shell for mail alias processing and distribution.

·       Designed and coded system in Perl for moderation of large mailing lists.

·       Augmented existing Perl-based mailing list system with LDAP-stored user preference capabilities.

·       Documented systems and created new centralized automation logging tools in Perl for SOX compliance.

·       Deployed new Ironport inbound message gateways worldwide and coded automation in Perl to integrate them with existing systems.

May 1997 – Jan 2001: Systems Administrator, Engineering – Provided support for Sun Solaris 2.X, Microsoft Win95/NT desktops and maintained infrastructure for field/phone support personnel for over 2000 users.

·       Responsible for administrating over 160 various Sun Solaris and NetApp servers.

·       Provided primary support for mailservers, home UNIX systems, Clearcase VOB/view software development servers, and Chord LSF simulation compute farms for the business unit.

·       Resolved Unix/NT integration issues for users with both platforms requiring access to common filesystems by deploying and managing Samba servers.

·       Built, installed, configured, and maintained HP, Sun, and PC desktop through Enterprise class systems.

·       Wrote process and systems documentation; trained frontline/field staff as needed.

·       Specified and purchased new server equipment as needed.

·       Led team to create infrastructure for and deploy next-generation mail platform for users.

Jan 1997 – May 1997: Frontline Phone Analyst – Resolved emailed/phoned in user issues, assisted team members in resolving complex issues, produced documentation for routine problems, trained new frontline staff.

Jun 1996 – Jan 1997: Field Technician – installed, maintained, and repaired Unix/Windows/NT desktop systems, provided user support, and responded to emergency situations as directed by frontline/backline support staff.









Owner/Operator of Ambush Productions, Multimedia Engineering and Consulting, a freelance audio-video-computer production/engineering company, performing computer systems installation, integration, upgrades, and user training, and producing graphics, video, animation, and hypermedia/web content.

·       Provided systems and network administration services for Macintosh systems using AppleTalk and PCs using Novell for small to medium companies around the San Francisco Bay area.

·       Performed data recovery services on failed hard disks.

·       Produced web page content.

·       Provided instruction to both adults and children in use of computers and software.

·       Installed network, video, and control cabling for data centers, audio recording/production, and video/television production facilities.

·       Deployed, operated, and wrapped mobile audio and video production facilities for live shows, multi-camera shoots, and studio productions of varying sizes.

·       Migrated paper-based accounting systems to computer-based systems.




Cogswell College, Sunnyvale: Bachelor of Arts in Computer Video Imaging, a major focusing on 2D and 3D computer graphics, animation, and production; 3.5 GPA; minor in Music Technology.


University of California, Santa Cruz: Multimedia Engineering, an individual major encompassing aspects of computer science/engineering, film/video production, and audio production/engineering.


De Anza College, Cupertino: Film/television production, electronics, computer programming, electronic music, general education in preparation for transfer to the University of California system.


Nov. 2012

NetApp: Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Administration

Apr. 2012

NetApp: NetApp Accredited Storage Architect Professional Workshop

Jan. 2012

PowerSpeaking: PowerSpeaking Essential

Dec. 2009

Global Knowledge: ITIL Foundations Certification

Oct. 2009

NetApp: SAN Host Troubleshooting: Windows/VMware; SAN Host Troubleshooting: Solaris

Mar. 1998

Cisco Systems: Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration; Cisco LAN Switch Configuration;
Advanced Cisco Router Configuration